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Pray a prayer of Salvation


Israeli Christian Pro-Life group Supporting widows, orphans, and many great causes.

Jews sharing Christ in Israel


Bibles to Iran             Zev Porat : Former Orthodox Jew now witness for Yeshua                The Voice of the Martyrs


Medical care and surgeries for children in Jesus Name

       This mans goal is to pass out 300 tracts per day.

100% of your donation goes to orphan support thanks to God


Helping our family in Israel

Please, check out the gift catalog. Many ways to support the hands and feet of Jesus.

$4.00 provides 1 Bible and Discipleship for a new brother or sister.


Helping Christians who have experienced horrible persecution.

Here you can donate or sign a petition to do something without any cost.


Support seminary students, missionaries and children in other parts of the world        Over half a century of feeding starving and hungry children


Quality organization taking care of orphans

"Whoever gives so much as a cup of water...."

Helping Orphans in Jesus Name




This link is in case you would like to donate to this ministry and those ministries we support



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